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Welcome to Crystal Blue 

We are a legal and fully insured Spanish SL company dedicated to bring you the best possible service whether you are an inividual pool owner, letting agent, community of owners or an administration company 

If you are looking for swimming pool maintenance or need a solution to a pool problem anywhere on the Southern Costa Blanca then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Private and community pool services

Full maintenance service for all types and sizes of community pools. 

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Yearly cleaning service for private pools.

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Advice on all aspects of community pools including the New SPANISH laws.

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The Grout in your pool will eventually need replacement. Poor or missing grout can cause several problems -

  • As water leaks out and mixes with the concrete structure the chemicals released will upset the chemical balance of the pool water making it difficult to maintain levels and require extra chemical dosage.
  • Water penetrating below the tile surface will loosen tiles and erode the concrete structure. In severe cases the water will reach the metal reinforcement and cause rusting.
  • The pool will start to leak and where there are steps, these are normally of a hollow construction, water will build up behind these causing damage.

Established 14 years in Spain

Crystal Blue Pool Services SL Established for 14 years in Spain, in that time we have grown to become the preferred supplier of pool maintenance and cleaning services for private and community owners and administration companies. 

We are fully legal and registered Spanish SL company with all the required permissions to conduct a maintenance service for both communal and private swimming pools.

Our teams cover the southern Costa Blanca from our Torrevieja and Rojales offices. We also have our own pump repair workshop. We are always happy to answer your questions regarding our service – feel free to email or telephone us.

Spares and replacements

Pumps and Filters
We can supply or supply and fit pool pumps and filters from most major manufacturers including AstralPool, Espa, Kripsol, Hayward. Ask for a price!

Automatic Chemical Systems
Let us advise, supply and fit the correct automatic, semi-automatic or salt system for your pool. Contact us for a free quotation.

Hot Offers

Pumps supplied from 145 €

Sandfilters from 275 €

Dosing pumps from 265 €

We are retailers of this amazing product local delivery available see more here

Water Clarity Problems

The water in your pool should be crystal clear, bright and sparkling.  

Many pools have water that is nearly right - it’s just not as transparent as it could be or should be.

Fortunately, there is an astonishingly effective solution for this problem and the good news is that it won’t break the bank! Jolly Gel removes the tiniest particles  and traps them in the filter. Algae spores, pollen, the microscopic dust in raindrops, fungal spores - even some bacteria!

JOLLY GEL - Spanish Homologation Certificate Number (issued by the Minesterio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales y Igualidad) -12-20-4627

Pool Covers

Have a pool you could use all year round or gain extra usable space when your pool is not in use.

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